Lots of discussion, still, about the sodomy law that got kicked down by the Supreme Court.

Being that sort of person, being politically ranty today, and mostly because I’m waiting for watercolor to dry, I’m going to put in my two cents, which is as follows:

I work at home. I get out maybe once a day, usually to buy groceries or art supplies. Most of the people I talk to are on-line. I just moved across the country to a state where I know exactly four people, two of which are my father and stepmother. My idea of a packed, exciting day, is going to the zoo to photograph anteaters. I take naps. I draw a comic about wombats, for god’s sake, and my job mostly consists of drawing bizarre escapist fantasy. I’ve been called a furry artist, for cryin’ out loud.

And even I have enough of a life that I couldn’t care less what orifice somebody else uses during sex. I have a sex life. It is my business. I don’t ask about yours, and I appreciate you not telling me. How, where, and when other people do the wild thing is absolutely, and totally not my problem, as long as they’re not doing it on the hood of my car or on my coffee table, in which case I still don’t care what orifice they’re using, I want ’em gone.

If which particular hole other people are using for whatever is of deep concern to you, then you are A) a voyeur or B) really, really need to get a hobby. Possibly both. I mean, for god’s sake, isn’t there a war somewhere? I coulda sworn there was something about that on the news…

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