Today, I mostly worked on Anthrocon stuff…ordered bags, reserved plane tickets, got magnet sheets, etc. I think I’ll concentrate on Chu/Dusty/Gothbat and maybe some Digger magnets, since that was what everybody asked about at Furfest (well, not Digger, but y’never know), and maybe some frogs and other non-nude kinda stuff. The nudes just don’t sell well as magnets, since you can’t put them up on the fridge (unless you’re me, and have the kitchen liberally festooned with nekkid bunny women, ‘cos it’s the only metal surface in the house, and c’mon, who cares?) I hate days spent on practical, art-related, but not making-art stuff, because even though it’s all work that needs very much to be done, I wind up feeling as if I haven’t really accomplished anything concrete. Futzed a bit with a little dragon painting that I mostly hate, and which I am continuing to work on mostly because James likes it. I think I’ll try and do a winged frog watercolor, maybe two, and then call it good for originals–I’m outta juice, and most of the money gets made on prints, anyhow. Bluuurgh. Bluurgh, I say!

Also, new Digger.

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