I’m gonna state categorically that this bit of narcisstic amusement is all kattything‘s fault.

Basically you enter “[firstname]is” into Google and see what turns up.

A few highlights of Ursula Is included:

ursula is a patient cephalapod
ursula is sure to get to the 5th kyu (This is particularly weird because I actually did get to the 5th kyu in iaido years back…)
ursula is an advice columnist at the Capital Times newspaper in Madison
ursula is a novice in a convent in southern Spain
ursula is one that would like to see hip hop become more responsible and more original
ursula is a qualified hypnotherapist
ursula is one of the three dolls that I consider truly great
ursula is still conserved there (That’s a relief!)
ursula is in her fifties and has just been divorced
ursula is an expert on human mating behavior (Not touching this one.)
ursula is a favorite of the queen
ursula is made from 100% schulte® mohair (That would explain the moths…)
ursula is a spy who has done things that deeply bother her conscience and eat at her soul
ursula is accompanied by the pope
ursula is a hosta hybridizer
ursula is the meanest character of them all
ursula is mostly influenced by realism (This is the only one that I think might be about me.)
ursula is the head witch
ursula is available in our portrait gallery
ursula is home to 90 families who survive by working urban jobs in temixco and cuernavaca or as agricultural laborers

Well, I’m disturbed.

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