Today was a good day for packages. Got my contributor’s copy of “Victoriana” (woot!) and a snazzy froggy dragon print from Gryllus. (Yay, Gryllus!) That made me happy.

Put up a new Gothbat sketch auction.
And put up a new Digger.

That was all good.

Then James points me to an article about how the original “Roe” of “Roe vs. Wade” is seeking to overturn said decision, since she’s now pro-life, something I should probably have known but somehow missed. This made me froth and spit and flail about–even though the pro-choice lobby doesn’t think it’ll ever hit the court, it’s just one more nail in the coffin of sanity. The ban on partial dilation and extraction abortions that weaselled through is already nauseating enough. (I mean, COME ON. These are not things people perform as a method of birth control. No one has a late trimester abortion if they’re not in serious danger or if the fetus isn’t a goner anyhow.) But I’m grimly waiting for the first woman to die or being severely injured as a result of not being able to get a partial-dilation–it’s a horrible thing to hope for, but since it’s going to happen anyway, I hope it happens soon, preferably to someone rich and opinionated, so that the case can hit the Supreme Court fast and hard, and as few women die as possible before it’s overturned.

As James points out, first we had laws against illegal things. And that was fine. And then we started having laws against people doing stupid things to themselves, and that was not fine, that was bad, because it meant that common sense no longer held sway, and people could blame their stupidity on something other than themselves. And now we have laws against saving people’s lives. And this is pure, profound idiocy.

What sticks in my craw is that we have laws that will prevent doctors from saving women’s lives, merely because of the interpretation of the ethos of a two thousand year old tribal mythology practiced by a group of sheepherders half the world away in a time and place so radically different from our own that the mind boggles. Does anyone else find this INSANE?! I mean, for the love of all that is rational! You want to be a Christian, fine, wonderful, there are some fantastic christians out there, but get with the times! You no longer go a proscribed distance from the village with a wooden paddle to dig a hole to crap, because the world has changed. Same with abortion. And yet, here we’re killing women because people in power believe in some kind of Stone Age ethos that it is better for women to die with their children than to have the temerity to exist without them! What kind of relentless foes of women do these guys have to be? I hate to sound feminist or alarmist, but great blithering weaselmonkies! This is a law that says, in essence, “The life of an adult woman is not worth the last few weeks of the life of a severely retarded fetus that will die shortly anyway.”

And that, as Cartman would say, is fucked up, right there.

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