Well, the mailings are starting to bear fruit…a couple “We’ll call you as soon as we need more art” (which do me no immediate good, but are nice to have lined up, assuming they’re serious!) and two more promising ones of the “I’d like to put you on our next project, lemmee figure out what I’ll need from you” variety. Continuing to send e-mail submissions, will probably start on the physical ones next week.

Been getting a lot of interest in the mega-scribble black and white stuff, which shouldn’t surprise me, since people need a helluva lot more B&W interior art than they do covers. So now I’m trying to do some more megascribble stuff done, since I’ve got very few samples of it for the portfolio, once I take out the furry stuff. Like this. I’m almost ashamed that I shackled so much creative energy in the service of such a bad joke. (Fortunately, I was born with a defective sense of shame and so feel nothing of the sort.)

The Perils of Poor Spelling (Deviantart site)

In other news, got several contributor copies in the mail today–“Worse than Death” a murder mystery I did the cover for, and the “Promised Sands” sourcebook, which I sort-of did the cover for–they did some heavy re-editing to the original painting, which is fairly common. It’s funny how cover art never looks like the actual painting you did–“Worse than Death” also got about half of it cropped out, and these aren’t the most heavily altered ones I’ve ever done. Which just goes to show, O fellow artspawn, if you’re looking to break into cover art, go buy collections by an artist and look at the actual painting, not what shows up on the front at the bookstore. Big difference, particularly since the advent of Photoshop.

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