Got collars and tags for the cats. They had a very limited selection–I think it’d been awhile since they had a shipment–so while Athena has a standard cat tag, Loki was forced to make do with a Harley-Davidson logo-ed tag. One cannot help but look at an overweight, placid, middle-aged cat, note the Harley tag, and wonder if he’s having some kind of midlife crisis.

Athena, on t’other hand, is responding to her new collar the same way she responded to the harness, with a sort of aggressive limpness. She won’t move. If poked, she will get up, take a cautious step, sink back down, and swat you indignantly.

I know, I know that if I ran her Mortal Enemy, the Dustbuster, around her, she’d take off like a shot, collar problem solved. But that would be wrong of me. Terribly wrong. Must…not…traumatize…cat… (Loki enjoys being vaccuumed, but then again, Loki enjoys most activities that involve lying around while someone pays attention to him.)

Packing continues apace. Yesterday we boxed most of the clothes–today, dishes. Tomorrow, the world!

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