Poking around, packing a few random objects, doodling, re-reading Discworld novels for the nth time. (I love Granny Weatherwax. I want to be her when I grow up.) I put up a few auctions recently, so in t’interests of plugging…

Spike and the Mice Print
and a Caliban piece, which features tasteful nudity, so if your eyes leap out of your head, grow little legs, and run around the floor shrieking at the sight of a nipple, don’t click the link, or at least, get someone to film it.
Ke’Li 4 Print

My big cat charity auction got up to $40, which is snazzy–it’s not a huge amount, but with the donation matching this month, maybe they can buy a day’s worth of tiger chow or something, and I’m grateful to my altruistic bidder for bidding. Trying to do a few quick watercolor pieces for sale at the various Cons this summer. And other than that, not much goin’ on today at all. Had an odd dream last night that I had an underwater dirigible. What the hell good is an underwater dirigible, I ask you? The cat got excited about something and ran over my head before I could get much use out of it though, and once you’ve been woken up by the rampaging paws of a small Siamese, there’s not much point in trying to go back asleep to get back to your dirigible.

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