Hogshead liked the submissions! Woot! Such a load off my mind. Now I just gotta finish gun-wielding gangster chick #3, and I’m home free…

I have learned something today. I have learned that if you are wearing a tight tanktop and a large tattoo and you walk up to a geeky, nervous looking produce guy and ask if they’ve got any boxes in the back you could have for your upcoming move, they will often go to extreme measures (including climbing large, wobbling ladders and flinging boxes down with fine disregard for life and limb) to get you anything you ask for. My mild irritation at the fact that his eyes never lifted above my collarbone is offset by the fact that I drove off with an entire carload of apples boxes, which will be handy.

Also! Charity auction to support the Minnesota Wild Cat Sanctuary, brought to my attention by Leona. It’s a good month for it, they’ve got someone matching donations, so if you want some prints of sultry felines, and all for a good cause, head on over to Furbid (Still lookin’ for a wombat place on-line that seems reputable, alas…)

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