I worked today, and contemplated moving. And that’s about it, really.

Oh, well, I did get my car back from the mechanic–$480! Yow! But it needed the stuff, and now will get me through my road trip, I hope. But this is the last cash I’m pouring into it–once I get down to AZ, I will allow it to die gracefully and try to find something else, since hopefully the pickings down there will be significantly less rusty than up here. I’m gonna miss Olsen’s–they were honest, and they were only ones, ever, who when I brought the car in talked to ME, as the car owner, and not whatever male friend happened to have given me a ride down. This is a rare thing, and I appreciate it. And when I went out to my car this time, there was a nice card on the seat wishing me luck and thanking me for all the years of coming there, which made me feel all unexpectedly warm and fuzzy. So that was nice.

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