Digital art is spoiling me. I decided to try my minimal acrylic fur painting skills against a portrait of the bachtrian camel, and by the time I’ve primed the canvas board, let it dry, and now begun painstakingly drawing in the outline of the camel’s noggin’, I’m already wiped out and ready for a nap. If it were digital, I’d be detailing already! The pain of waiting for things to dry grows worse and worse. God forbid I ever try oil paints–the notion of waiting DAYS is like salt to my instant-gratification soul. I’d have to have six paintings going at once not to go nuts, to say nothing of the turpentine. I’m not good with ventilation. I think I feel it’s a sign of weakness. “Fumes!? I dontsh shee no shtinkin’ fumesh…”

Oh, well…no pain, no gain. Maybe when I move to an apartment with a slightly more robust power grid, I’ll buy a hair dryer so that I can speed drying along. On the bright side, my Barong masks arrived, and rather than being the miniatures I expected for five bucks, they’re the full sized dealy. One’s a bit battered around the edges, but the designs are still mega-cool. I suppose with six masks, I have to call it a collection now. *sigh*

I had a dream last night that I was moving (yay!) and the car broke down. We were rescued by a truck driver who offered to take us to our destination for free, if we’d give a good home to his cat, Gus, who had gotten too old to drive cross-country with him. Our original agreement was blunted the more we learned about “Gus,” who evidentally had five legs, was incontinent, and if you didn’t pick him up just right (supporting his vestigal fifth paw) he would go apeshit. Then we saw photos, and “Gus” turned out to be a five-legged African honey badger, which probably says something about my subconscious, but god knows what. I woke up going “Huh?”

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