Shadowrun was good. Fought wraithy…things. Had my strength drained, broke away from combat an instant before death, was about to run to freedom, and then our poor, valiant, idiotic NPC mage lunged into the fray to fight the things, despite the fact that he is incapable of doing physical combat with anything much more dangerous than an injured cantelope. Despite the rather high chance of annhilation, I had to dive back into the fray, because it’s a poor samurai that runs away and lets her stupid mage buddy get chewed, and against all odds, triumphed with help from various other parties. Yeah, I love that game.

However, the big delight of the evening came when, driving home, I spotted a closing sale at a local clothing/knick-knack/jewelry/general doodad store. Like a hyena seeing a wildebeest that’s looking a bit under the weather, I circled back after dropping off the rest of the gang, arrived twenty minutes before closing–on their last day, ever, it turns out, which meant I made out like a bandit because the store owners didn’t want to move the junk out. I could’ve bought a mink coat for $2. I didn’t, because when would I wear a mink coat? but the option was there. I did pick up a gorgeous green leather parka thing (that’ll doubtless be handy in Arizona, land of arctic nights and…err…wait, that’s one of the other A-states, isn’t it?) for $2, a whole crapload of baskets for the day that I actually get organized (Hey, it could happen!) a few bags of costume jewelry, which my mother collects, and, to my intense delight, a bunch of cut-rate toys, which means that my kid brother will be getting insect finger-puppets for his birthday, unless I decide I need to keep them for…um….all my preying mantis finger-puppet needs. If I needed vintage costume jewelry, I’d’ve been set–the woman offered me an entire rack of the stuff for ten bucks, and only the fact that I have no earthly purpose or storage space for such kept me from taking her up on the offer, which I mildly regret, since I coulda probably sold it on E-bay or something. But hey, for thirty bucks, I was already armed to the teeth with goodies, my ancient hunter-gatherer instincts well appeased, so I’m content. It was a good day.

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