I have such a great husband.

He gets back from GDC, armed with a small financial token of esteem from his boss, now that they’re finally getting paid again (due to the occasionally sporadic nature of waiting-on-checks-from-publishers, we’ve been living on my freelancing income and savings for the last four months) I say, shocked, “We can’t spend all that!” To which he replies “That sounds like a challenge!” and shortly afterwards, we’re in the car to the computer store. Before I’d finished protesting that I didn’t NEED a new graphics tablet, my 5-year-old Graphire hadn’t fallen apart yet, and sure, I was down to the last nub and my hand had cramped into weird positions, but it wasn’t a big deal and–at that point I’d realized he wasn’t listening, and had in fact shoved the Intuos 2 Professional tablet thingy into my hands and said “Buy It.” So we laid out nearly $250 on a new tablet, a glorious and completely unexpected splurge. And…man. It’s cool. It’s twice as sensitive, and has double the resolution so the output is much crisper and has less of the Photoshop mushies, and it’s got pen-tilt sensitivity, so suddenly I can do useful things with pallette knife tools and best of all, it’s squishy gripped and I don’t have to turn my hand into a withered claw. I feel so decadent.

Also, new art–this guy is a glyptodon, for a folio collaboration of prehistoric beasties I’m working on with the very talented Cara Mitten. He’d have been done sooner, but I had a few days of self-doubt after it was pointed out that he looks a lot like those things from the Dark Crystal. But that’s what the species looked like, damnit! Nature’s muppets!
Paleolithic Muppet

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