Playing “Syberia.” It’s an adventure game. I am back in the wonderful world of applying objects to other objects and talking to NPCs about a gloriously predetermined range of topics. While the adventure game has passed it’s heyday, and I will probably never again feel the great love that Hero’s Quest and Monkey Island awoke beneath my sternum, I do get occasional flashbacks. “The Longest Journey” made me happy for at least a week and a half. On t’other hand, despite years and Zen, I still haven’t forgiven the last Monkey Island for not having mouse support, and thus being completely unplayable. What the hell? I mean, what the hell?! No mouse support? What were they THINKING?!

Right. I am accomplishing nothing this weekend, the few minor touchups I needed to do are languishing untouched…there is only “Ask NPC about Automaton.” Ah, glory.

Okay, I lied–I did accomplish this. But since it only took me about half an hour, and his little fangs are a bit lopsided, I feel like it doesn’t count.
Sabertoothed Toad

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