And another thing…

Watching the nightly anime fest on Adult Swim–I gotta admit, that Yu-Yu Hakasho show has grown on me much more than I anticipated. And Cowboy Bebop, of course, is just stylin’.

The commercials, though.

I keep seeing this damn ad for Kotex, which bills itself as “the greatest advancement for women since the push-up bra.” This blatant idiocy makes me make various back of the throat “Chhhuuggggaah!” noises of disgust (which provides my husband with no end of amusement.) I truly hope the ad campaign was invented by a man, because if a woman came up with that, I’d be forced to bludgeon her into unconsciousness with a weighty feminist tome. And that would require me to go buy a weighty feminist tome, and damnit, I’m just not ready to be on those kind of mailing lists.

Even this, however, pales before the truly idiotic ad I just saw, whereby a scruffy couple in Levi’s stand hand-in-hand–in the middle of a freeway, no less–in a herd of charging buffalo. I am baffled. What is the message of this ad? Wearing Levi’s will allow me to psychically control large numbers of American bison? Wearing Levi’s will cause herds of bison to run rampant through the city? Wearing Levi’s will cause my IQ to drop forty points so that romantic strolls in the middle of the freeway seem like a good idea?

Now to let the soothing cyberpunk of Cowboy Bebop wash over me and take all the nasty bison away…

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