Finished that gryphon painting
at long last. Go, Igor! The only pity is that his little syringe is almost too small to see in the web version. Spent the day after that randomly doodling.

These two severed heads are just face studies I did from various internet sources–I kinda like the one on the top. 2 floating heads

I also picked up the Spectrum Annual, number 9 today–I’ve sent in art a few times, never been accepted. I’m not particularly disappointed, though–this year was really heavy on the abstract, stylized stuff, and all the realism was either somewhat loose oils, or seriously jaw-dropping, so I think it was as much the preferences of the judges as lack of skill on my part. (I mean, I’m okay, I have my moments, but I’m not yet up to the “Make you sit up in your chair and go “Holy Mother of Wombats!!” stage. But hey, someday! I got like forty years before I retire, after all.) All in all, the usual juxtaposition of the occasional Photoshoppery that makes me scream “My eyes! My eyes!” and coolness that makes me go “Damn! I wish I’d thought of that!” Not as much to my taste as past issues that were heavier on realism, but still worth perusing. And Aaron Jasinski got a piece in, which is awesome, since I remember him from Elfwood days, and he was a terribly kind, humble soul who deserves all the success in the world, so that warmed the cockles of my dark and withered little heart to stumble over.

Didn’t submit this year–low on cash, and most of my really good stuff last year was furry, and I think there’s a definite non-furry bias, in that out of the six issues I’ve collected, I can count the number of anthro-anythings on the fingers of one hand. But hey, there’s always next year!

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