Today…not that much happened. My car battery is dying, so I am coaxing it along through the usual “Good car, nice car, happy car, you WANT to start, don’t you?” method, which usually works on dogs, and seems to work on the car. Tomorrow, we’ll pick up a new battery after Shadowrun, and James can install the thing, god willing. (I always get nervous when he screws around under the hood, or opens up my computer’s guts. Really, he’s quite good at it, and has only destroyed a computer twice. I’m just traumatized from the sight of my beloved Amiga, smoke curling from the disk drive. Then again, that was an entire decade ago, so I should probably just let it go already.)

Having prodded the dragon people enough for one week with my garbage dragon, (still no death threats, but wait ’til it’s up on Elfwood) Response has been so gratifying,a nd I was so generally pleased with it, that I’m working on another painting, to spread the love around a bit…How Gryphons Are Made. I would like to say that this is at least 5% or more Gryllus’s fault. (Sorry, Gryllus. *grin*) Had she not informed me that there might still be gryphon-people pissed off about my off-the-cuff artist’s statement about Igor at the zoo with bonesaws and superglue and the possible origins of wereunileotigrawombatpenguirhinodracogryph-foxes, I might never have responded to the maybe three people who wrote to ask me to illustrate Igor in action. However, given a chance to muck around with this style a bit more, while actually responding to fan requests AND possibly bother the humorless…well, hell, I’m only human. ‘Sides, I need some more straight fantasy stuff for cons. Furry is all well and good, but it’d be nice to have something to sell at more general cons that didn’t involve nekkid bunny women. So hopefully that’ll be up in the next day or so, along with the next Irrational Fears, which is almost done except that I’m dragging my feet on coloring the big angel mega-dust bunny. Don’t know what I’m gonna do after that for the irreverent myth theme…I’ve mostly covered evil unicorns, although I suppose I could revisit it yet again. Or maybe the one I’ve always wanted to do, of the elephant seal mermaid with obligatory blubber layer for Arctic survival. Or…well, who knows. I could also get distracted playing Arx Fatalis all weekend. Anything’s possible.

Now, to go paint lots and lots of stitches…

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