Mixed day, today…on the one hand, finished a cover for a book that I’m actually pretty pleased with–had to tackle the “How To Paint Cyberspace” problem, which has stumped much better artists than I. Fortunately you can’t go too wrong with lots of cubes and radical one point perspective, and the end result looks sort’ve Art Deco, which I have no problem with. On the other hand, my poor cat Loki has a bladder infection, which gave me the obligatory Oh-God-Let-It-Not-Be-A-Blockage panic that is generally reserved for the owners of male cats over five, even if, like me, they feed them ungodly expensive urinary-health-formula cat food. Fortunately, it’s not a blockage and he’s in no immediate danger–he’s just got a textbook bladder infection, which is uncomfortable for him and involves a lot of laundry for me. So I’m trying the herbal supplement recommended for cats, and plenty of water…my mother swears by it, but if it doesn’t produce results by next week, it’s into the vet. I’m all for nature and not overusing antibiotics and all that, but the poor guy shouldn’t have to mope around when a straightforward course of somethingorotherclin will do the trick.

The worst bit about animals being sick is that you can’t tell ’em “Yeah, this sucks, drink cranberry juice for the next week and you’ll be fine, it’s nothing, I used to get ’em all the time,” even if it’s true.

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