In this sixth and final volume of Digger, covering chapters eleven and twelve of Ursula Vernon’s webcomic, our wombat heroine makes her way back from the Morrakgon Mountain monastery along with Grim Eyes and Murai.

They make a beeline for the temple, but get intercepted by Surka with grave news. The Veiled have corralled the hyenas on their lands and are coming to surround the temple, leaving Murai the only one equipped to defend the temple (even with a broken arm). Meanwhile Digger and Ed (now dishomed by The Veiled as well as his former tribe) take a decidedly un-mystical crowbar to see about killing a God or what is left of one, anyway.

Who will come out of this with their liver intact? Will Boneclaw Mother do “The Thing” to Captain Jhalm? Will there be bug-on-a-stick?

Despite her humble protests, Digger continues to get rave reviews from the critics. Publishers Weekly says that Digger “…has inspired comparisons to Bone and Finder.” Eric Lindberg of Broken Frontier describes Digger as “…a rich fantasy adventure, a bitingly sarcastic satire, a meditation on myth and religion, and possessed of a quirky and beautiful black and white art style…” And Eric Burns of Websnark reminds us that “…Ursula Vernon didn’t come to comics via comics, but instead was a fine artist and illustrator who kind of segued into comics. It shows in her style, which is perhaps the most beautiful pen and ink work on the web. Vernon knows how to take black and negative space and make them into astounding pieces.”


2012 Hugo Awards Nominee

Winner of the Web Cartoonists’ Choice Awards in the categories of Outstanding Black and White Art (2005, 2006) & Outstanding Anthropomorphic Comic (2006), as well as the Broken Frontier award for Best Webcomic Creator (2007), Digger has also attracted the attention of the wider comics industry garnering Ursula Vernon a 2006 Will Eisner Comics Industry Awards nomination in the category of Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition.