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Ursula is an unhappy little squid today. It appears that some unscrupulous individual–possibly with a skin condition–has acquired my debit card information, and ran up nearly two hundred bucks worth of debt on my account on–this is the peculiar bit–skin care products. Fortunately–and the reason that I am merely a somewhat pissed off squid and […]

Recommended Reading

Okay, all you science-lovers out there (I know there’s at least a couple mixed in with and interchangeable with the artspawn) here’s a question for ya. Assuming that one’s a relatively intelligent lay person, what books would you recommend for people seeking interesting, readable, relatively solid science/natural history/etc? (A friend was looking for someplace to […]

Damn those non-vampires!

Damnit! I love the show CSI with a passion, but tonight they let me down. Basic, entertainingly gory premise–doctor with porphyria trains her Great Dane to attack joggers, harvests their organs and makes protein shakes out’ve ’em. Deprived of this sustenance, she’s guaranteed to die horribly in prison. Great premise. Just one problem. Contrary to […]