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The deer have pruned the Japanese maple, the blueberry, the gaillardia, and they browsed my black-eyed susans down to pitiful nubs. “Eat meat for lunch,” I told James. He sighed the sigh of a man who will be peeing into a bottle by nightfall. It is probably entirely my enthusiasm for gardening that leads me […]

Mystery Plant and the politics of gardening.

With the growth of flowers, the Mystery Plant is at last known and classified. It’s gooseneck loosestrife. This is mixed news. On the one hand, gooseneck loosestrife doesn’t have anything like the horrors of its purple cousin. It’s an ornamental, people plant it deliberately. My patch was certainly planted deliberately, in this awful section of […]

My e-mail’s down for the second day running–denial of service attacks on the provider–so if you’re trying to contact me, uh…I’ll get back to you soon, I hope! Meanwhile, the garden continues to grow. The nasturtium has its first flower! (I am particularly proud of this because I raised those nasturtiums from seed.) The gayfeather […]

Some branches blew down in Sunday’s thunderstorms, so I went out back to pick up the big ones and dump them on the I-swear-we’ll-start-a-compost-pile-here-soon pile.* I had an armful and reached down idily to grab a hunk. My fingers closed around the bark. And then I looked down. Red roots. Hundreds of red roots, on […]

Did a little random gardening this morning–basically a half hour pulling weeds. A full day would be a bit much, but it’s a nice warm-up in the morning–putter around, rip up a few things, fill the birdfeeder, water anybody looking thirsty, and go inside feeling the warm satisfaction of a job well done. Except. I […]

I swear, nature knows when I want to plant some stuff. It’s pouring out. I did get the beautyberry in the ground, and some of the stuff I got to test as verbena replacements. I’m trying a sample penta and portacula. If those fail, I may just swear off annuals altogether. We’ll see how they […]