I have never had much luck doing just one thing. I started out painting, started an epic webcomic, wrote some books, did some podcasts, took some photos of bugs…well, you get the idea. The polite term is “Renaissance woman,” but the more accurate term is probably “significant ADHD.”

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Utterly charming with a delightful (and refreshingly practical) hero.” — Kurt Busiek

“Digger is an amazingly successful comic that wouldn’t work in any other medium. I love it!” —Phil Foglio, Girl Genius creator

Digger Unearthed is the story of a shrewd, sensible wombat engineer named Digger-of-unnecessarily-convoluted-tunnels, who finds herself stranded in a fantasy world that is far from logical. Thrust into the middle of a puzzling and often perilous situation involving gods, demons, destiny, and redemption, she finds her way based on a pragmatic honesty and the sincere belief in doing the right thing.
This tale manages to be both serious and light-hearted: it explores complex themes of honor, responsibility, and the gray areas between right and wrong, but it does so with a frequent application of humor, wit, and absurdity that makes the journey fun.
To celebrate its tenth anniversary, Digger Unearthed offers the complete webcomic collection in a single volume that can be fully enjoyed by young adult readers, yet also contains layers of sophistication that become deeper and more meaningful with age and experience.

Be Safe, and Stay Out Of Trouble.” — Reverend Mord, host of The Hidden Almanac

Over the course of several years, my husband Kevin Sonney and I did a podcast every Monday-Wednesday-Friday. It was weird and short and funny, but over the years, it developed a sprawling plot, truly fantastic listeners, and finally wrapped up in a dramatic climax involving demonic powers, lost saints, and an undead turkey.
You can listen to all of it for free on any podcast platform, or download a year-by-year archive for easier listening.

I have painted way too many paintings in both physical and virtual media. Some of them are fun, some are weird, some (like the Biting Pear) became famous entirely without my help. The easiest way to view them all is probably on the Deviantart website, and prints are available from the fabulous people at Topatoco.com!