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Cryptic Stitching

is a weird little text adventure game. You can play the beta version for free at Story Nexus.[/column][/columns][columns][column width=”2/3″]

The Hidden Almanac

…is a weird little podcast. Narrated by Kevin Sonney, aka Reverend Mord, with occasional cameos by Pastor Drom (voiced by me) it appears to be an alternate history with Feast Days of peculiar saints, garden tips, and other oddities.

Occasionally it gets a little weird.

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Kevin and Ursula Eat Cheap

is a podcast that is adamantly NOT FOR CHILDREN and for ADULTS ONLY because it involves my husband and I drinking heavily and reviewing terrible prepackaged foods. Be warned.



Storium: Weird Fruit

A village of mice and rats. A jungle full of ferocious, predatory vegetables. Will you be the heroes who find the mysterious Frog Tribe? Slay the fearsome Dragonfruit? Discover the mystery of the Armadilloupe Warrens? Or just corner the market on rare seeds?

Weird Fruit is a playful, occasionally surreal world from the mind of…well, me. Play on the Storium storytelling game engine!

(Reverend Mord artwork by Lar deSouza)