Irrational fears is the epic tale of a chupacabra, a whole lot of dust bunnies, and the lurking horror of The Monster Under The Bed.


“I have a lot of fears. Not just, y’know, the normal fears, like tooth decay and global warming, which are perfectly understandable. I mean irrational fears. Like aliens. And moth man. The sorts of fears that generally don’t but you unless you’re getting up in the middle of the night to go get a glass of water, and suddenly you’re standing in the kitchen and you don’t dare turn around, because there might be something nasty behind you. Those kinda fears. So I thought “Hey! Maybe if I draw some of the things I’m scared of, and then draw myself kicking their ass, it’ll be cathartic and reduce it to sort’ve manageable silliness, and I won’t have to take those flying long-jumps into the bed to avoid whatever’s lurking under it.” Right? Right. I’m a grown woman for God’s sake. So. Anyway. Art catharsis.”

Irrational Fears has been collected into a single volume by Jarlidium Press. Contact your local comic shop to order it!