Clockwork Boys Pre-Order

Clockwork Boys is available for pre-order!

We got ebook AND hardcover!



For those following along at home, this is the Thing With The Paladin And The Ninja Accountant. And it is Book One! It is not a standalone! Book Two will be out, hopefully February-ish! (It is, however, a duology, not a trilogy or whatever.)

Hardcover is currently on Amazon, but will hopefully be available elsewhere for those avoiding the River.

5 thoughts on “Clockwork Boys Pre-Order

  1. Barleduq says:

    Apropos of nothing recent, for some reason last week I fell into this blog circa 2013, and have read forward so far to Feb 2014 (honey badgers) and I have a wonderful lift of compersion*: I realize I’m grinning, reading you send people to read Jackalope Wives on LJ, while the rest of the page is current, and JW is Latest Release, having won awards, while someone back then dissed it and there was the weeping closet and cheesecake factory.

    (compersion: a feeling of happiness completely involved in other people’s happiness/good luck/good life. Invert of schadenfreude. Originally coined for polyamorous folks who feel delight in their partner’s delight with other partners, but certainly available to spread to other contexts.)

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