4 thoughts on “Prints Available Again!

  1. Garth says:

    I had not appreciated until I looked it up just now what a variety of corvids live in Europe. I must have seen various ones when I was in England and not realized they weren’t just funny looking crows.

  2. De says:

    This honestly does help. I have a disorder that makes me constantly dizzy and lines of text aggravate it, which is a shame because reading was my primary source of pleasure for the first 25 years or so of my life before I got sick. A chapter of Orcus is about what I can manage in one go before having to go have a lie down.

  3. Just John says:

    My strong potato feelings are informed by years of occasional success and many more of dismal failure. Every lesson learned in gardening takes a year to learn. You forget to water, or water at the wrong time….ruined crop and it’s too late to plant again. Oh well, try again next year…By the time you are really good at gardening, you are too old to garden.

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