Thamalkane Lodge


While the rest of the crew was south of us and experiencing some brief technical difficulties, Kevin and I were hanging out at Thamalkane River Lodge admiring this view. (This is in Maun, Botswana.)

There were a lot of birds. Most of them were egrets.

The artist Yoshida Hiroshi and his son Yoshida Toshi traveled the world and did lots of shin-hanga prints of the various sites, which is why there are gorgeous Japanese wood-block prints of things like Uluru and Mt. Kilamanjaro. That would not be a bad way to spend one’s life, if you ask me. This is something of a homage (and something of a “Man, I should go find all my old vacation photos and use them for reference for stuff in this style, because I will actually LOOK at this painting in a few years and maybe remember it, instead of having it moulder on a memory card somewhere.”)

I am really only able to do this because I am procrastinating about drawing hamsters, though.

4 thoughts on “Thamalkane Lodge

  1. Periwinkle says:

    Ooh, nice. It makes me feel more relaxed just looking at it.

    However, may I mention that the preferred name for the giant red rock in the middle of Australia is now the much more poetic “Uluru”?

    There’s a lot we could do to make life better for indigenous Australians, but we have a decent trend going for recognising traditional place names instead of upper-class white men. It’s not a smooth process – bigots still flip out every time a new one is introduced. They go on ostentatiously using the old name for about a decade, then it drifts out of common usage and we forget that it ever existed. Best of luck with the Denali / Mount McKinley thing.

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