It is the day I face the Tax Guy.

I have prepared. I have pre-paid. I have unwadded all the receipts and tallied them up and breathed into a paper bag.

And still, in my heart of hearts, a tiny voice screams “THEY WILL TAX YOU AT A 150% RATE!”

I know this is irrational. It does not quell the tiny voice.

2 thoughts on “AAAAAGUUUUGGHGHHH*pantpant*GGHHHHH!

  1. Darla says:

    This must be a relative of the little voice that says “It’s going to deny your card! They’re going to laugh at you, and take your card and cut it up!!!” every time it takes more than one swipe to pay for something, despite many years of financial responsibility and being able to properly track how much money I have in my account. Also, despite the fact that I’ve never, ever had them do that. Or seen it happen, except on television.

  2. azulita says:

    I do my taxes on valentine’s day every year. I figure that while it breaks my heart, it is strangely less traumatizing than focusing on my personal life. ;)

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