52+ Photos: Week 5 & 6


Well, those weeks got away from me.

I have been busy, and I think the weather is getting to me. Lots of stuff is getting done–or at least words are getting written–but part of my brain is going oh god the world is broken and it is so large and I am too small and I cannot fix it and nothing is working and everything is going to hell and someday I will stand before the saints and angels to justify my existence and they will say “Everything going wrong with the world, and the best you could think to do was plant heirloom beets?!”

The fix for this is either more sunlight or less stupid people and I suspect buying a sunlamp is easier.

But I did get a photo done! Only one, but it’s something!


2 thoughts on “52+ Photos: Week 5 & 6

  1. Darla says:

    That looks like a rather nice sunbeam to lie in. Of course, in our house, those are often perfectly accessible to the cat, but would be more than a little awkward for a human to bask upon. Like, say, the tiny table that is home to my sewing machine. Or the top of a book shelf.

    Do not give up hope! The spring will be upon us soon, and then everybody will be saying “ugh it’s so HOT, I wish it was December.”

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