Knocking on Wood

I am having another bout of everything being awesome and wonderful and people being cool and everything going really well and so I assume that I will find out I have pancreatic cancer* sometime next week.

Well, probably not. Still.

Really, I have awesome friends and fans and Kevin and I love you all very much and OH GOD, LIFE IS TOO GOOD, SOMETHING GO HORRIBLY WRONG QUICK SO THE UNIVERSE DOESN’T NOTICE.

(The beagle doesn’t count.)

Kevin thinks I may have some teensy mental issues about this, but the vast majority of creative people I know also seem to suffer from this weird marriage of work ethic and guilty and anxiety—“I am not working hard enough to deserve this so the world will notice at any moment and THEN I WILL BE EATEN BY CLOWNS.”

(You laugh! Clown attacks are up 17% since the recession started! With sequestration, clown control service will likely be cut and then where will we be?!)

In concrete news, I finished up a round of edits on this one projected that I started for Nanowrimo. Very promising noises are being made. Will keep everyone posted!

And everybody keep being so damn awesome. Damnit.


*This is the one I worry about. We have no genetic predisposition to it in the family, it’s just stuck in my brain somehow.

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