Before anyone says anything, yes, this would make a good series!

Which means that I’ll do Orange next week, Yellow a year from now, and probably be finishing Violet on my deathbed.

Meanwhile, for those who are curious, there are eleven animals in this picture: Red Panda, Rhode Island Red Rooster, European Red Squirrel, Northern Cardinal, Red Milk-Snake, Red-Crested Cardinal, Ladybug, Scarlet Tanager, Strawberry Poison Frog, Tomato Frog and Red Ramshorn Snail. I am particularly pleased with the rooster’s expression. Guess he’s not much of a hugger.

The only problem with such a series is that the only ones with mammals will be Red, Orange, and Yellow, unless I fudge it really hard and put in a blauubuck. (A blue whale might make scale problematic…) Even the mossy sloths aren’t THAT mossy. Oh well…

Prints available, as always!


11 thoughts on “Red

  1. Lounalune says:

    Yes, Kiryn, and in addition it could be a part of the head of a baby blue whale. Still, fitting it in with that tiny nudibranch…

  2. larksilver says:

    I too am quite fond of the fez-wearing snake.

    The panda’s expression as he hugs the pained rooster with such glee is adorable, also.

  3. SilverTwilight says:

    What about mandrills? They have some blue on their face (hey, it’s something). And Green Vervet monkeys are green in the same way that maltese cats are blue (that being almost).

  4. Melissa Trible says:

    One thing you can do, if you have a big size gap, is to have the largest critters holding a magnifying glass that the little ones are visiting behind.

    You could also, essentially, use the whale as the background for all the others, with basically just one eye visible…

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