Monthly Archives: July 2012

Finished Hares

I’ll get a better shot of this–with better lighting, and without the easel sticking into the picture–shortly for the gallery, but here’s what the finished hares look like. Won’t be doing prints of these. They’re for sale, $1200 for the pair (plus shipping, which I warn you now will probably involve a crate and be […]

Cat on Cat Action

Ben the cat has a very specific coping mechanism for…well…everything. He believes, not without some justification, that he is the baddest thing on four legs. He fears nothing—not loud noises, not the outdoors, not the vacuum. He has never lost a fight. He cannot lose a fight. Therefore, in Ben’s mind, anything that might possibly […]

Half a Diptych

There’s a lot of artistic hogwash that goes on about inspiration and the Muuuuuse and generally it ends with either the backs of hands pressed to foreheads and swooning or a lot of dense grad-school verbage about the artist as transcendent observer. (For the record, I have never been a transcendent observer in my life. […]