St. Mantid ACEO

Working itty-bitty these days, apparently!

2.5 x 3.5, mixed media

St. Mantid, just to get the joke out of the way, did indeed spend a lot of time praying. He was the head of one of the largest order of mantis monks, followers of St. John the Baptist (male mantises often choosing celibacy and strongly identifying with those who have been beheaded, for obvious reasons.) Several miracles were attributed to him, including the Miracle of the Loaves and Aphids and the Reattachment of the Head of Brother Ignatius, who fell victim to carnal sin and later returned to the monastery carrying his severed head in a sack.*

*Brother Ignatius was never quite right after that, but did receive flowers from an unknown admirer every year on his birthday.


This is an ACEO (art card) sized piece, matted to 2.25 x 3.25, with metallic copper halo. The original is for sale, and will probably go to AC unless somebody wants to jump on it. I’m also doing a limited run of 7 prints, also matted, hand-painted to also have the metallic copper halo. (I like Luminere fabric paint for that–much more opaque metallics than you get in straight acrylic.) The first and last of the series will be saved for con art shows, the other five are for sale for $25 apiece until I sell out—send an e-mail if interested to get shipping info and whatnot.

4 thoughts on “St. Mantid ACEO

  1. tanita says:

    Okay, the art is awesome and all, but if you could have the stories on the back like those saint card things – that would be even better. Because I laughed loudly enough about Br. Ignatius to scare the dog upstairs.

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