White Bear II

I am in that stage of the book where I am actually doing quite a lot of art, but nobody sees it, and I get the itch of “But you haven’t done REAL art for AGES!”

Which is true. And I still haven’t done real art in ages, because I did this piece in December or thereabouts, but I felt like scanning it to prove that I am not dead.

12 x 12 mixed media on collage paper sealed to board

There is a kind of hunched wariness to this one that appeals to me. She’s been eyeing me for a couple of months now, but for whatever reason, my generalized get-this-out-of-my-sight that kicks in for most of my own art doesn’t seem to apply to most of these animal-women. (I even have a very large one hanging in the stairwell, which is much too big to scan and thus will probably hang there until doomsday.)

Anyway, prints available, original for sale, drop a line or whatever.

2 thoughts on “White Bear II

  1. raff says:

    To me she looks *violated*, like someone showed her that Last Airbender movie and then followed it up with every single one of the Matrix sequels, and now she’s just sitting there trying to erase those memories from her head and lock them in a deep dark corner of her mind, building a house over that corner, setting that house on fire, and then scattering the ashes of that house into the depths of space.

    I can’t quite put my finger on why, but I think it might be a combination of the eyes and the way she’s holding her upper arm with her hand/paw.

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