Snowy Owl Mask

You get the Ursula-is-tired-so-the-photography-is-half-assed version, but I was pleased with how the mask itself came out!

I wanted to do a snowy owl after seeing them—distantly—in Washington, so…err…I did! Despite my vow to never do a mask in white again. (It wasn’t so bad this time because I laid down a coat of medium gray, then drybrushed off-white and Titanium white over that.)

The beak is fractionally off-center, which makes me crazy in retrospect, but there comes a point when you cannot actually fix these things (i.e the leather is dried, the base coat painted and you are standing there with a brush going “Well, crapmonkies.”)

For sale. Will send to e-bay if people are interested, since I just wanted to make the owl mask, and am unlikely to wander around being an owl myself.

1 thoughts on “Snowy Owl Mask

  1. Hawk says:

    I’m in love with it. Sadly, I have a pretty good idea I can’t afford what it’s worth, and I’m not about to offer you less than what it’s worth.

    It’s gorgeous, really. The gray-beneath-white is perfect. The off-center nose? It would have taken me weeks to notice it if you hadn’t said something; frankly I think it makes it look more organic, more “real” because real owls aren’t perfectly symmetrical. Lovely, lovely work.

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