White Jackalope III

The end of the year has apparently kicked off a mad desire to paint more vaguely-voluptuous white animals on collaged paper backgrounds.


6 x 12, mixed media on collaged papers sealed to board. I really like how the intensely patterned black and white fleur-de-lys paper works there. The pages are scraps from Dr. Spock. (Kevin had an old copy lying around and tossed it at me to Make Into Art. If you peer closely through the paint, you can find references to headaches, blind children, and prunes.*)

Anyway, original for sale, prints available, etc, although I’m hoping to scrape a couple together for upcoming shows…


*Mentioning baby’s first prunes to someone who has changed diapers, it turns out, is not unlike setting off bottle-rockets next to someone with severe PTSD. Kevin goes a little grey around the lips even now. I am told that he’s seen…things.

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