I am getting annoyed at Wachovia sending me constant e-mails screaming “IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION!” which makes me think “Crap! Overdrawn!” or “Oh god, I’ve been hacked!” or something, when it is Yet Another Notice that Wells-Fargo bought them and all our accounts will switch over next month. Yes. I know. I heard you the first ten times.

On the other hand, this is tempered somewhat by the fact that I know full well, come switchover, they will get approximately eighty bizillion people screaming “What’s going on!? Why wasn’t I informed?! WHAT’S HAPPENING?” who will swear that they never got any notes, have no idea what’s happening, and this is the first anyone has mentioned to them. For this the poor people at customer service have all my sympathy. (Except for the one dick at the phone bank who I really hope gotten written up after my complaints—I have had piss-poor customer service in my life, but he took the cake.)


3 thoughts on “Unggh….

  1. Tom W says:

    My tip is to move to a diffrent time zone, so you always ring the bank in the middle of the night their time. No waiting in queue 🙂 (worked for me…)

  2. Uzuri says:

    And some of the people screaming that they weren’t informed will probably be right — since any email with the subject “IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION!” should probably be picked up by phishing filters.

    I hate the people who handle bank communications. It’s like they’re trying to make it easy for the crooks.

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