Monthly Archives: August 2011

Thank you…

…to everybody who wrote to tell me that is stealing my artwork. I’ve sent the usual letters, and the poor fools had a phone number, so there’s a phone message or two in there as well. Their site is currently down, presumably yanked in a panic—we’ll see if they return in a form worth […]

Fear the Well-Meaning

I have come to realize, after yet another D&D session that ended with Kevin holding his head in his hands and moaning as the plot jumped the rails, went down an embankment, and burst into flames, what precisely the problem with our D&D group is. We mean well. This is what gets us into trouble. […]


That’s right–Episode #47: Noodles Float, You Bastards! is available for your listening pleasure! And in case you missed it, last week we had the triumphant return of KUEC from brief work-related hiatus, with Episode #46: “Cow Blood, Horse Blood, Pig Blood…whatever you have lying around.”   Also available on iTunes!

Iguanodon Gardener

Nearly True Science Fact: Iguanodons were avid gardeners, and fossilized trowels, sunhats, and watering cans are often found among Iguanodon fossil remains. It’s true. Ask any paleontologist. You’ll have to get them drunk first, of course, before they’ll violate the strict code of secrecy enacted by their dark and sinister order, so the best course […]

Baxter and the Bear

I have this hope that someday I will do a full alphabet of something. Ill-fated lemmings seemed like a great idea, a sort of rodentine Gashlycrumb Tinies, but I have learned my lesson from many abandoned projects, and thus my plans are to do A-B-C, and then anything that happens after that is gravy. Also, […]