Frog Nouveau: Orchids

11 x 14 mixed media on paper sealed to board

Among the smallest of the winged frogs, the winged orchid frog lives primarily on insects attracted to the orchid flowers that it mimics.  This would tend to cut down on pollination, but the frogs are fairly slow and stealthy predators, so pollination often occurs before the frog manages to snap the unsuspecting insect out of the air.

Wanted to fool around some more with the Art Nouveau print-sealed-to-board-and-painted technique, and since I had fifty bizillion photos of orchids from a recent trip to the zoo—the orchids were the only thing that held still long enough—I wanted to paint orchids, and thought “Hey, I haven’t painted a little winged frog in forever!” so there we are.

Original for sale, 11 x 14—would need framing, since it’s watercolor paper sealed to board, and watercolor paper absorbs any dirt that even looks in its direction—but for sale, and of course, as always, prints!

1 thoughts on “Frog Nouveau: Orchids

  1. annie morgan says:

    How charming. I had never heard of winged frogs, particularly orchid frogs. I have an orchid, same sort, that is a mere four years old, but on its latest stint put forth 45 blooms, then decided to add ten more to one of the branches after all the other blooms died off.

    Just who is the ‘squash’ god? I planted a couple of butternut squash seeds a while ago and they have both produced some darling little yellowy orange squash blooms. I’ve been using a pic of two blooming at the same time on my Live Journal page.

    Having been around this old world for 80 years, I’ve read a lot of blogs since blogging became popular, but I think yours (the one I see on LJ, which, I realize now, is the same as this one) is one of the most delightful.

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