I went out to do some coffee shop writing and came home to find a mailer full of books on the porch. When I slit it open, puzzled–I’m due some ARCs soon, for Ghostbreath, but not anything in hardcover–I laughed out loud.

I am now the proud owner of four or five copies each of the Spanish and Portuguese versions of Dragonbreath and Ninjabreath! It’s awesome to see it in those other editions–I feel like a real writer!

…mind you, I have no earthly USE for multiple copies, so I’m not sure what to do with them. Give them away at random, I guess. So, uh…leave a comment if you want a foreign language versions, and I’ll pick a couple people at random and send you a copy of Dani Bocafuego!

10 thoughts on “Hee!

  1. Jude J says:

    Hah! I would be absolutely delighted for either–I’d prefer Spanish since I actually speak some/have reason to learn it better but I’d be tickled to get anything of this ilk.

    If I turn out to be one of the unlucky ones this time, let me know if/when the Russian or German editions roll out!

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