Last call!

Pollinator Shrine Auction ends today!

My back still hurts. But one of my pea plants sprouted! Houston, we have germination!

Got a royalty statement. It appears that we have sold in the vicinity of 50,000 copies of Dragonbreath vol. 1! (And someday they may even get me the statement for Ninjabreath…) It was a good check, of the “Woohoo! I can live on this for awhile!” variety, even after I chop a third of it out for taxes.  I get to pay off the credit card (again!) and I may splurge wildly and get…a new wheelbarrow.

Hold me back, I’m a wild woman…

2 thoughts on “Last call!

  1. Tymme says:

    My mind is reeling (yet excited) at the sheer quantity of KUEC episodes that could be ensured with a single shopping trip from a small portion of the spoils….

  2. TanitIsis says:

    Yay for the royalty cheque! Which reminds me, I have to buy a new version of volume one because my 3-year-old niece stole my daughter’s copy (twice) and coloured all over it. I’m happy to report that while I had to order the original into my local Chapters, they had the second and third volumes in stock. And my daughter is jonesing badly for the fourth to come out…

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