Stripejack Forest

I kinda wanted to paint stripes.

Then it turned into this whole…thing…

9 x 11.5, mixed media on paper sealed to paperboard

The funny thing is that I actually may have to do a digital take on this because I couldn’t get the textural effect I wanted, and the thing in my head was much creepier and weirder and the rabbit design was actually rather more deformed, but somewhere in the course of the painting it became rounder and less freaky and the whole thing became rather less alarming and more straightforwardly cute.

Some people try to do cute and it gets creepy. (ANNE GEDDES, I AM LOOKING IN YOUR DIRECTION) I try to do creepy and it goes cute. We all have our crosses to bear, I suppose…

Anyway, original is for sale!

1 thoughts on “Stripejack Forest

  1. Andria says:

    I’m Not a bunny person.
    I am a Sea Turtle and Dragon person.
    I <3 this. 😀
    So very much so that I emailed the shop link for this to my sister mentioning my birthday is in two weeks. 😉

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