Post-con Slog Brain and KUEC #19

Brain is sloggy. Got back in last night from MarsCon, had a good time, very nice people, but of course still pretty wiped out.  Fell asleep during Iron Chef America and slept like the drugged dead for about nine hours. Got up, got on exercise bike, showered, fell into chair. Suspect consciousness is purely illusory.

The number of e-mails that fill an in-box in my absence blow my mind. Most of them aren’t significant, but we’re working on edits for Dragonbreath 5, and there’s a lot of fix this, can we change this, this is approved, is this okay, all of which requires me to drag my brain out of sloggy-post-con and into actual clear…thinky…thing.

As you can see, it is not working quite as well as it could.

Also, I have to do a Digger. And organize a bunch of prints so that tomorrow I can mail out the orders that got delayed by the mondo ice storm that kept us stuck in the house for a good chunk of last week. (Kevin even got stuck in the driveway and we had to get a tow-truck. I still feel vaguely guilty that my Minnesotaness was not sufficient to free him, but in fairness, nobody would drive a car that low to the ground in winter in Minnesota, and once you’ve hung the back up on the culvert, it doesn’t matter how many years your Significant Other spent in St. Paul, you’re just kinda boned.)

Despite all this, there was a KUEC yesterday, recorded ahead of time!

It Looks Like A Mummy’s Toupee

Also available on iTunes!

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