No pain, no gain…

The great remodelstravaganza that will consume most of this month is in full swing. We have dragged out most of the non-essential furniture–the rest will probably go tonight or tomorrow, leaving only the Highly Essential Stuff which will go this Saturday, followed by the tearing up of carpet and pad on Sunday. The kids have–with a lot of prodding– been very good about purging their unwanted crap, but man, I’m glad we’re taking up the carpet–I’m tripping over paper scraps and rubber lizards and one-bump Legos* and swear to god, if I ever find the inventor of Lite-Brite, I’m gonna tie ’em to a chair and spend two hours screaming “MY GOD, DO YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE WROUGHT?!”

Meanwhile, I started painting like a fiend yesterday. That first swath of butter yellow across the grungy contractor beige was positively divine. I felt like a light bringer. (Honestly, I would have been astonished if it HADN’T made a huge difference!)

But it is a large space. And I painted…a lot. And now my quadriceps ache like the devil, because I did that thing where you stand on your toes to push the roller up as high as you can go**  and I kept doing it for an entire can of paint + primer, and naturally I felt great and productive and then this morning I woke up and felt like I had been beaten with hammers.

But it will be worth it! The room will be GLORIOUS! GLORIOUS, I TELL YOU!

*Can be combined with stairs to make one of the most lethal weapons known to man.

**Those over six feet tall can sit this moment of sympathy out.

2 thoughts on “No pain, no gain…

  1. Katebat says:

    Hey, I get the same problem, even tho I’m over six feet. I was just painting 12 ft ceilings at the time. (My parents have an OLD house. I only have 10 ft ceilings in my house…so my house only qualifies as old…)

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