Monthly Archives: September 2010

Masked Creatures

I come back here a lot. Do they talk? I don’t think they talk. I imagine these odd, undifferentiated little creatures, somewhere between penguins and marmots, shuffling between their tiny homes and communicating entirely in gestures. But, as usual, I could be completely wrong. Anyway, original is for sale–it’s on board and ready to hang, […]

Art Remnants

So my ex-husband had a couple of boxes of my stuff and a lot of old canvases–I offered to pick them up a few times, but what with one thing and another, it wasn’t until this last weekend that he had them ready to go.* Honestly, I didn’t want most of it, and it went […]


I admit, the bit with the papers and the woobling and the cut out doodle is kinda fun to do… I suspect most artists have found themselves here at some point. The hell of it is, throwing different media at it works just often enough that you are often seduced into trying, even when you […]