5 x 15, mixed media on illustration board. Scribbly scribbly!

Still the odd silent apparitions with masks. This one is about a third the size of Owlform, more of a study of the character design than anything else, and I wanted to do it on illustration board so that it would soak up the ink better, so that I didn’t keep scraping it up with the tip of the colored pencil, which is a peril of working on gesso and clayboard. (I borked the robes a little on one edge. Unfortunately, the scribbly style makes fixing that kinda thing nearly impossible. Damnit.)

I am unsure of the tail. It may not have needed the tail.

The more I stare at this, the more I get annoyed by it. I like the design, but the execution fell down and is bugging me. Damnit again.

Anyway, original is for sale, as I would like it to be taken out of my studio and my sight, prints are availalable as always–drop a line or a comment or a note, etc.

1 thoughts on “Foxform

  1. Kei says:

    Looking at this reminds me of two questions that had been chasing themselves ’round my brain. Firstly, with the whole bestiary you have accomplished, why are there no cats? Is it because drawing the innate felinity is like trying to nail toothpaste to jello? I mean, I love your style, but seeing this little fox just made that question rise up and holler in the back of my head, y’know? My other question may just be linked to my not having seen it, but was there an actual ending for the Sings-to-Trees/Celadon Toadstool story, or was part nine it?
    Yours, Kei (fiery_lioness on lj)

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