Food Review, Take Two!

More reviews of pre-packaged food! This week we cover Taste of India’s Korma Curry and Butter Chicken sauce (for the intermediate cook) and for the raging neophyte, we have Annie Chun’s Hot & Sour noodle soup and a heat-and-eat Palak Paneer.  (Heavy on the Indian food this time!) Plus we discuss the joy of rice cookers, answer reader comments, and why a beagle food review may not be tenable.

Take two

Suggestions for names for this…thing…welcome, as we have fun doing it, and may continue to do so until we get bored or the hate mail reaches untenable levels. (I kinda liked “Irregular Food,” although “Pre-Packaged Podcast” was good, too. Unfortunately, that sounds like a just-add-water podcasting system, so I dunno…)

2 thoughts on “Food Review, Take Two!

  1. E. Scribo says:

    It would be nice if you put up a photo of the prepackaged foods on each podcast page, so we can identify them when we see them in the wild.

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