Two Small Things

I am continuing to wait on edits on book five–Ghostbreath–and I can’t even start the art because the workflow’s getting sorted out for the new color stuff–but they could come back for stuff to be done AT ANY MOMENT, so I am unable to embark on any major projects, and anyway I am feeling jittery and restless and the longer it takes, the more like I start to feel like an unemployed schlub than an author.

Also they don’t give me money while we sit and edit, so I pretty much just sit and watch my bank balance ebb slowly, the financial tide going out and exposing the small scuttling crabs of debt and extravagance.

So I do small paintings, which just about hold my attention span and keep me vaguely amused. Then I inflict them on you guys.

"More Masks" 4 x 12, mixed media on canvas

I had a 4 x 12 canvas, and started fooling with it. Then I remembered that I hate canvas, so I glue chipboard to it, and then paper, and then more paper, and there was some acrylic medium and some other stuff, and the end result is small and untidy and has weird little critters. Prints available!

"Inu" 5 x 5 mixed media

I don’t know if enough of the background manga page is visible on this one for somebody to identify it, the way there was the last time I did something like this. I have no idea what it is. I just tore out a page at random that I was pretty sure wasn’t Dragonball Z (although it still could be.) The dog design showed up in a doodle in my sketchbook, and I liked it enough I figured I should put it somewhere…

Both pieces are for sale, both are ready to hang, if anybody’s interested, drop a line as always. (Seriously, they don’t always sell immediately–I realize people assume that the art is gone long before they see it, but I swear, lots of times they don’t. It’s worth asking!)

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