Monthly Archives: July 2010

Slice of Life: Art Division Redux

I staggered to Kevin’s office under the weight of canvas–my finished Deer Woman piece, 24 x 36 of not-entirely-satisfying-to-its-creator artistic creation. “Wow,” said Kevin. “That’s…epic. I mean…epic.” “I’m glad you like it,” I said, setting it down and scrounging for a hammer, “because I’m hanging it in the stairwell until either I like it or […]

Decoupage without Pants

Kevin walked in to discover me decoupaging torn pages to the 24 x 36 canvas I had secured for the next incarnation of this painting. (The largest size available without a much longer drive, and after and hour and some change with the glue, I’m not sorry…) “You’re not wearing pants,” he said, which was […]

Bits ‘n Pieces…

A couple of art bits left over from AC. Both of ’em are for sale–drop a line about pricing! In other news, Dragonbreath 1 is now in its 7th printing (!!!) and has a snazzy new spine to match the rest of the series.  And it’s looking like the bread wizard novel may actually have […]