I have had Bob Dylan’s "The Times They Are A-Changin’" stuck indelibly in my head all day. I woke up with it lodged, I watered the garden with it, I drove with it, and now I’m typing with it.

It was also sometime last night that the inevitable wave of "OH HEY I HAVE A CON NEXT MONTH!" hit like a ton of bricks, and now I’m mining old sketchbooks for a promising seam of small cute doodles. Fortunately I hit one rapidly–apparently I was seriously inspired sometime in January–and now I just have to make a couple zillion teeny paintings. While writing the next Dragonbreath book. And finishing the last half-dozen paintings and doing all the art edits and the cover for Batbreath and keeping up with Digger.

"You must have amazing time management skills," my editor told me once. And indeed, logic dictates that she must be correct, because the work all seems to get done reasonably close to on time. Still, I’m thinkin’ this time I might be running a little close to the wire…

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