Futility Quest Update! (Now with 100% less futility!)

As I wrote awhile ago, a painting of mine got into the Spectrum Annual this year!

I had assumed that it was going to be the steampunk butterfly. I mean, that one got Boing-Boinged, I’ve sold a bunch of prints, it seemed like the logical choice.

Nuh-uh. They picked the Rabbirds.

I mean, it’s a good piece, clearly I liked it enough to submit it, but I honestly figured that was a long shot–when I asked my buddies Kevin and Otter what to submit, that wasn’t one of their suggestions, and I threw it solely because of my own vague fondness for the bunnybirds. I really truly thought that if ANYTHING got in, it would’ve been the butterfly.

Which just goes to show that there is no predicting anything at all.


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